Clothing and accessories store for Women.
Youth and lady fashion up to size 52

At DIVINITI we are concerned about always being updated in fashion to offer the best garments to our clients. Today as a result of COVID-19 we have had to close and not knowing when we will be able to return, we need your help to be able to sustain our business so that it does not decline and so we can return with more strength and enthusiasm to continue serving them with the love and respect that they deserve.

Av. Argentina 87 Bjs., Palma Baleares

Tel. +34 619017941


By puchasing a voucher you directly support DIVINITI , the voucher value will be transferred to the supported place without any discount . You may only redeem the voucher in the business itself and the vocuer is non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: We expressly point out that due to legal requirements, DIVINITImay not have opened actually and a time for a possible reopening to the public is not yet foreseeable. There is a risk that the business will not survive the crisis and will have to close the doors forever. In this case, you can no longer redeem the purchased voucher, a refund is excluded. mallorca.social assumes no liability in the event of the bankruptcy of the business, When purchasing a voucher a contract between you and the business for which you are buying the voucher is established.

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