Ca's Xorc Luxury Retreat & Restaurant

Ca's Xorc Luxury Retreat & Restaurant

Authentic Majorcan Finca converted into a Hotel with Gourmet Restaurant also for guest from Outside.

With the 1998 conversion of a historical Spanish finca into a boutique hotel, we made our dream come true. Restoring this charming former oil mill amidst lemon and olive groves was also the beginning of a great passion – offering our guests true luxury. This luxury is of course to be found in much comfort, exquisite materials and attentive full service, just as you would expect in any good hotel. However, what makes us so special is our unique location. Our hotel is rich in history and we were able to retain many decorative details during the renovation. It is nestled in a magnificent Mediterranean landscape between the sea and the mountains. Close proximity to nature, sustainability and quality are important to us, both in our hotel and in our gourmet restaurant with its own herb and vegetable garden. • PRODUCT-BASED: We seek to achieve clear & clean tastes and nuances, developing a natural, fresh and dynamic cuisine based on the product without pretension. The ultimate goal is to "delight and amuse" rather than surprise. Relax! Enjoy! Let yourself be charmed! Indulge your whims!

Carretera de Deià km 56.1, 07100 Sóller

Tel. 971638280


By puchasing a voucher you directly support Ca's Xorc Luxury Retreat & Restaurant , the voucher value will be transferred to the supported place without any discount . You may only redeem the voucher in the business itself and the vocuer is non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: We expressly point out that due to legal requirements, Ca's Xorc Luxury Retreat & Restaurantmay not have opened actually and a time for a possible reopening to the public is not yet foreseeable. There is a risk that the business will not survive the crisis and will have to close the doors forever. In this case, you can no longer redeem the purchased voucher, a refund is excluded. assumes no liability in the event of the bankruptcy of the business, When purchasing a voucher a contract between you and the business for which you are buying the voucher is established.

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