Frequently asked questions

For the buyer

The establishment receives 100% of the amount of the voucher, does not profit from this process. However, apart from the cost of the voucher, our partner Atento imposes a small commission for the transfer of the payment. This commission is paid by the buyer of the voucher. 

The commercial transaction involves a small commission for the payment (2.5% of the voucher amount). In these times of crisis we have been able to reduce commissions to a minimum, but even so the transaction is not completely free. Given that our main intention is to support establishments in these times of crisis, we have decided not to charge the commission for the payment process to these establishments, since they need all the help we can give and we want to send them 100% of the amount of the voucher. For example, a €50 voucher will cost you €51.25 including commission. Many establishments in offer a small “reward” for supporting them with the purchase of a voucher, for example a discount, a bottle of wine, or some small added value. In the end you may win by buying a voucher! More information in the descriptions of each establishment. 

No, we work without profit and consequently we do not receive any financial benefits from the sale of vouchers. 


Unfortunately, if the establishment were forced to close due to the current crisis (precisely what we are trying to avoid with this initiative) you could not exchange the voucher nor would you have the right to claim a refund, but at least you would have done everything you can to try to keep it afloat. 

No, the voucher is only redeemable at the establishment you have chosen to support. 

The purchase and sale of vouchers is done through Atento, a payment system born in Berlin. You will receive an e-mail from Atento to confirm the purchase and the voucher in PDF format. Surely, you will also receive all the appreciation of the establishment that you have decided to support. 

The confirmation is not sent by us, but by our Atento collaborator. If you do not receive any confirmation, you can contact our collaborator directly at

Yes, you can. The voucher can be exchanged regardless of the buyer. A great idea, by the way! A joy for the establishment and for the lucky person who gets the gift. 

You can reuse the voucher until its value is completely redeemed. Just make sure you use it completely until 31.12.2023, after that date, the voucher will no longer be valid.

For sellers

By registering in you can sell vouchers to third parties, and you will receive the amount generated by these sales as a cushion in these times of Coronavirus crisis. Buyers will be able to redeem their vouchers when you reopen your business. The monetary transaction is carried out through the platform of our collaborator from Berlin, the company Atento. Atento is in charge of selling the vouchers for you, which makes an intermediary between the two. We also take care of promoting the sale of vouchers. 

All companies with at least one establishment in Mallorca that offer services to individuals can participate. These include, for example: bars, restaurants, hotels, museums, cultural and sports establishments, as well as sports equipment rental companies, personal trainers, tour guides, etc.

Registering and selling vouchers is completely free! The commissions of 2.5% for the processing of the payments is currently paid by the buyer of the voucher. But it is also in your hands to offer some incentives, with a small added value for the purchase of a voucher (a discount, a bottle of wine as a gift, etc.). It sure will help you sell! 

You must register on our website. The registration process is simple and fast. We need some information about your business, that you choose a category in which you want to appear as an establishment and, if you want, a photo of your premises. In the next step we reserve the right to verify your identity and check if you have the power to sign contracts on behalf of your company. So we can, for example, ask you for a copy of your ID or the registration of your company in the commercial register. Then we will transmit your data to our partner Atento. You will then receive an e-mail with all the necessary information. You will also receive a button that you can include on your website or on Facebook that connects directly to Atento. 

Atento is our partner, and is in charge of processing the sales of the vouchers. Atento is responsible for sending you the money from the sales, as well as providing a program (web or mobile app) with which you can validate and redeem the vouchers you sell. You will also find more information on the Website 

Atento is a startup based in Berlin. Fortunately, they have decided to collaborate with us in these times of crisis, making their system available to us practically free of charge. Atento has already collaborated with the website to sell more than a million euros in vouchers, surely saving more than one local business from bankruptcy. 

Our partner Atento makes weekly transfers. You will have to send your bank details to Atento. 


As of today we can confirm that sales under the current conditions (free of charge for the seller) will continue until the end of May 2020. We do not yet have enough information to be able to say what changes there may be from June 2020 (or whether there will be any). 

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